Why use a Mood Board when designing a Brand Identity?

A Mood Board certainly helps to visualise an overall brand identity, In addition to this, it helps to select a colour palette too. A Mood Board will incorporate a variety of colours, and by carefully selecting a few of these it ensures the final colour palette matches the overall aesthetic of the brand. Plus, this can be applied to other elements too, such as fonts and patterns. All elements can be utilised, it provides a great starting point for any branding project.


Having not always used Mood Boards, I trialed it recently when starting the White Powder project. After this experience, adding mood boards to the Certo logo design process made total sense.

Through our design experiences we have learned that phrases such as ‘modern’ and ‘clean’ mean different things to different clients. We all have different perceptions after all.

Words can cause misunderstandings when talking about visual projects and a mood board helped to overcome this. It proved to be a great tool for helping clients comprehend the concepts we have envisioned and talked about.

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